Within the new wave of modern art directors, set decorators and prop masters in the Colombian visual arts industry, Ivan Hartmann, of German descendent but born in Bogota-Colombia, has proved to have an invaluable talent, creativity and originality after more than 12 years of international and national experience working on countless, highly acclaimed, award-winner movies, T.V series, T.V commercials and photography. In 2001 he received a bachelors of fine arts degree in Theater Acting from “La Fundacion Teatro Nacional”. In 2007, he completed his studies and received a degree in Film directing and production from the Universidad of C.U.N. He has also participated in a variety of artistic expression and screenwriting workshops.

In 2014, he travels to New York City to study Design for Stage and Film and to work in multiple audiovisual projects. His diverse and extended training has allowed him to approach the direction of art in the small and big screen in a unique, innovative way bringing a new and fresh perspective to the audiovisual industry in the commercial and independent sectors.